Everything that's cool about Sun3, Sun3 emulation, and wild Dillo Parties!

I Love Sun3!  And I bet you do too!


What are Sun3 / Sun3x computers?  They are ultrahip workstations and servers from Sun Microsystems which were manufactured in the 1980's. They use Motorola 68020 (Sun3 series) and 68030 processors (Sun3x series) and were supplied with the SunOS unix operating system.  Here's a pic of a Sun 3/60.

Emulate a Sun3!
Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, you can now emulate a Sun3 on a modern day PC!  TME is a software emulator of the Sun3 hardware, specifically a Motorola 68020 Sun3 with the Carrera motherboard - Sun 3/75, 3/140, 3/150, 3/160, 3/180.

To get your emulation fix:
Step 1: Go to the TME Home Page and read all the instructions and get the Carrera ROM bin.

Step 2: Get your host operating system.  I suggest a BSD style host operating system so that you can use ethernet inside the emulator.  I highly suggest NetBSD as it has integrated pkgsrc support for TME, and its cool to run the same OS on the host computer as inside the emulator.

[NOTE 2/18/2012: I haven't updated this site in several years, but I keep it up as occasionally someone will write and say that it's been helpful.  With the latest TME patches, SunOS Ethernet works inside the emulator, so if you want to use ethernet inside the emulator (and who doesn't) you have obvious choices of SunOS or NetBSD to choose from.].  

Step 3: Build TME from NetBSD pkgsrc.


Why would you want to emulate a Sun3?  DILLO PARTY!


Emulator host system
Emulator accuracy
      Current known bugs with the emulator
      NetBSD/Sun3 bugs found WITH the emulator
Emulator speed
Using the emulator
Sun3 in and out of the emulator


SunOS 4.1.1 goodies:
SunOS install media
Gzip / Binutils and other binaries
GCC / 2.8.1 / 3.2.3 binaries
Utility to change the hostid:  You can get it here, but its much more fun to get it here because its the only thing Sun3 related I found on the web-site, the web-site is in a foreign language which I don't recognize, and the home-page has great pictures that change every time you visit.


Ada goodies:
Ada Compiler Validation Capability test suite (ACVC 1.11)  Remember Ada?  This is the test-suite used to validate an Ada compiler.  I used it to help debug the emulator.  Surely someone else in the world will find this link useful for something.


Web sites (roughly sorted from most Sun3 specific to least Sun3 specific):
http://www.squirrel.com/squirrel/sun-stuff.html - Almost every link is out-of-date, but it does have the change-sun-hostid utility.


Other Links:
Sun3 Field Engineers Handbook
NetBSD Sun3 port mailing list  -- Note: This mailing list is for NetBSD running on a Sun3, and isn't tailored for TME users, but there is discussion about it.

last updated: 2008/01/03

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